13/03/14 | Chieftain Custom

The first of the Customs.
04/12/13 | The new LOW WHISTLE TUTORIAL DVD out now

It's finally here, thre new Low Whistle Tutorial DVD for beginners and intermediates. Availablr from the kerrywhistles STORE. price £25 inc postage worldwide.
03/03/13 | The New Kerry Optima Red Top

Hi, we now have the new Kerry Optima Red Top low D whistle in stock.
See pic below.

31/01/13 | Whistle Pack back In Stock

We have the Chieftain ND low D whistle pack back in stock, with the extra E & Eb alloy bodies.
15/06/12 | New Optima Red & Blue Tint

We now have the Kerry Optima in Red and Blue tint.
23/04/12 | New and Improved Chieftain V3 Low D

We have been making the Chieftain V3 low D model now for some years with great success, sales have been consistent but we are always looking to improve them.
The only thing that I personally wanted to improve was the back pressure as I found that they take a little more air than i liked.

I have now reduced the size of the air way giving much greater back pressure, this allows more notes per lungful of air.
In doing so, it has lessened the lower octave volume slightly but this may not be a bad thing as many of you think they are too loud.

I will be making a short video on this matter tomorrow so you can hear and see them in action, I'll post when it's up.

Also, I have some KerryPro low Ds available at £185 inc postage, please email me if you are interested.

I have had some email's regarding TOP TIPS and TUTORIALS videos, I will be making more this week to answer some of your playing Qs.

30/03/12 | Chieftains, Chief & Albert

Yet again the Chieftain Whistles make an appearance at the premier of TITANIC 3D at the Albert Hall London, they were used on the original movie score and soundtrack played by Tony Hinnigan.
23/03/12 | Some Chinese News

KerryWhistle 中国区销售及售后服务-李洋,电话:+86 18601386132 QQ:191737315 零售店:
13/03/12 | New PRODUCTS Page

Hi, I have just finished uploading the new PRODUCTS page in the MOVIES section of the site.
The picture and sound are much clearer.
11/03/12 | We Are Live

After months of burning the midnight oil, the new site is now live.
I hope you all enjoy the new look and feel.

22/09/11 | Kerrywhistles in Steyning West Sussex

Hi, for anyone in the West Sussex region of the UK, we have adopted a small shop in Steyning.
The shop is Guitar Freq in the main street
Ross is the owner and more than happy to help in any way.


08/08/11 | The Two Optimas

Tim Dowd was in the area and dropped by, we haven't seen each other for two years.
I gave Tim the new Kerry Optima to try and we had a tune or two.

Look for The Two Optimas

05/08/11 | Kerry Optima Review

Review of: The Optima Low D Whistle by Lesley O’Leary - Musician & Music Teacher

My initial thoughts were that it was a very big whistle (56.7 cm long and 2.5cm in diameter) compared to the standard High D whistle (29.5cm long & weighs 34gms) that I would usually play. It is beautifully crafted with a purple tinted mouthpiece and alloy body.
Amazingly light weight for its size, I weighed it in at 192 grams.
However, having read Jenny’s review - I was expecting to be able to play the whistle on the first attempt but alas no.
The Hole spacing – took a bit of getting used to – a big stretch compared to a normal sized whistle – I find the stretch between the D & E holes are particularly wide and difficult. However, I’ve practiced it for an hour or so for the last 7 days and have seen a huge improvement. As a traditional music player I feel that once this “stretch” is mastered there should be little difficulty in playing any tune.
As the saying goes – “Practice makes perfect”.
I was really surprised by the minimal amount of breath needed to get such a lovely tone whether it is soft & haunting or loud and imposing. Absolutely no comparison with other Low whistles I’ve tried and failed to master. The Optima Low D whistle is, for me, “the cream of the crop.”
It is a beautiful instrument and I’m sure other high whistle players will feel the same about it when they try it. I intend to keep playing and to master the Optima Low D whistle and will promote it to fellow musicians and students alike.
Best of luck to Phil for the future and may he continue to be a great innovator.

What a nice review.

I also have a Kerry pro low D tuneable for sale at £165 inc postage. if you are interested.


03/08/11 | Kerry Optima -V3 Comparison Vid

I have posted a video in the Pro-Files section of MOVIES comparing the V3 low D to the new Kerry Optima as requested.


Download MP3
17/07/11 | Kerry Optima Clear low D

We now have Clear and tinted Purple heads for the Optima.
pic below Clear.

15/07/11 | Optima Pitch Adjustable.

We have decided to make the new Kerry Optima tuneable-pitch adjustable.
They will NOT be available as fixed whistles but WILL be available in all tenor keys D Eb E and with the
new CLEAR headshells and Purple Tint Clear headshell from 17th July at £79 inc postage.
Other colours to follow.

12/07/11 | Whistle Collectors

As you all know we have the Kerry Optima whistles now available and they are selling very well.
Our very first batch came out with the number 200511 ie 20.05.2011.
We are nearly sold out of the first batch and onto the second batch number 070711.
For all of you who like collecting first additions of new whistles, I suggest that you get the first addition Kerry Optima low D now, we have 13 fixed and 17 tunables left and will soon be into the second batch.
The Optima tenor E and Eb"s will be available from the end of this week in fixed and tunable models.

I have given the go ahead for the next set of tooling for the Alto's and Mezzo and I hope to have them available for the autumn.

We will be introducing coloured heads for the Kerry Optima soon and they will be colour coded thus:

BK - Black ( standard )
CL - Clear
GR - Green
BL -Blue
There will also be clear tinted colours soon.

I would also like to BIG UP Roy McManus Whistles, he is a maker in Belfast and has sent some whistles to Tony for review, this he has done and will be on the site later today, I have also recorded a review and you'll find it in the PRO-FILES section of MOVIES.

I would like to invite all of you who have purchased a Kerry Optima to send a short video clip of you playing it and a short review of your own for the Kerrywhistles website. Mp4 format and no longer than 1.5 mins. You can email the clips to the above email.


05/07/11 | Kerry Optima Review No1

Optima Low D Player Review - Jenny Rees Composer and Whistle Player!

First impressions on holding the instrument - it's balanced and delightfully light, whilst having the feel of a fine quality instrument. I must admit to having some initial reservations about a plastic headed low d, however, having seen and played this instrument I concede that the plastic head has added some magical alchemy of its own, more about this later!

Playability - here goes! It sits very well under the fingers. Any female players out there who have concerns about stretch need have no worries, I play two other low d's and this is by far the most comfortable to play. I'd love to see more female low d players, if you play the usual higher d whistle then I assure you that you could move with ease to this instrument, a whole new tone world is open to you - don't hesitate, you'll love it!

What about the sound? It's gorgeous, moving through warm and dark to soft and singing and with the added excitement of subtle dancing high end harmonics, all dependent on your breath - this is what I meant when I talked earlier of the plastic head adding an alchemy to the sound - there's some sort of magic in there. I spent ages simply playing long held tones just to enjoy the response of the instrument to subtle changes in breath. I also found it very easy to move from the first octave to the second with a wonderful continuity of tone colour and agility.

My own playing style moves through traditional to less conventional genres and this whistle offers exciting possibilities of use. I will definitely be recording with it and using it in my professional capacity as media music composer and player.
Finally, thanks to Phil for producing a great whistle and a special call to all female whistlers out there - take the plunge!

Jenny Rees - Composer and Whistle Player.
11/04/11 | Canada - Kerrywhistles - Products

We are now trading with Long & McQuade in Canada, they have 26 stores across the country so you can now try our whistles.

Here are the details.

Long & McQuade Ltd.
722 Rosebank Rd.
Pickering, ON L1W 4B2
Ph: (905) 837-9785, 275
Fx: (905) 837-978

We deal with them direct so you can also contact me once you have a Chieftain Whistle.

03/04/11 | Kerry Optima Low D

Kerry Optima Low Whistle Press Release
In the last twenty years of making low whistles buy hand and in manufacture, I have seen many new ideas and designs emerge from the first low whistle concept. Yet the original concept had always been the best and still is for many.
Over this long period, there has been much mention of recurring topics and issues about low whistles.
Air requirement, hole spacing’s, clogging, weight, tuning and price.
It was then and is now my intention to get a low D whistle with the smallest air requirement, comfortable hole spacing’s, lightweight, non clogging, sweet toned, in tune at low cost, on to the market.
I feel I have achieved this ambition with the new Kerry Optima Low D Whistle.
Having made whistles for the top whistler players around the world, I know what sounds good. I wanted to get the sweet point that they all love in a hand made whistle into a whistle that costs less than half the price with a much more comfortable hole spacing’s (with the female stretch in mind).
When I started playing whistle, it was a Feadog pennywhistle which weighed nothing at all, so the Kerry Optima had to feel very light and airy but with a kicking tone that needed no extra air, even right up the top end, just like a proper pennywhistle you can blow all day long.
The Kerry Optima has been in design for the last year and is soon to be in production.
It is a plastic headed low whistle with an alloy body, just like the old Kerry but with the playability of a Kerry Pro and with much less air requirement, light as a feather and very, very sweet. I have the prototype and cannot put the thing down.
As moisture/clogging has always been a big issue with many players, the Kerry Optima, being a whistle with a plastic mouthpiece will not have these issues and will not need warming up to be in pitch.
The Kerry Optima is my dream whistle. The sound is easily changed from soft to loud without and perceived increase in breath giving a huge amount of control over any given piece. No more need of that great “ lungful of air and off we go “, just very comfortable playing. If you are already a low whistler, you will find you have more air than you need and may need to take a lot less to achieve the same thing.
Cost has always been an issue. Many people are put off “ high end “ whistles as they completely out of reach pricewise, our new whistle will be retailing at price all can afford and will be available in a variety of shades which makes it fun to.
Keep it simple, make it fun.
The Kerry Optima will be available in all keys this year starting with tenor D Eb & E.
This is the Low Whistle Revolution 2011.

See NEWS for Optima prototype pic.

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