09/08/06 | Have Eye Gat Noos Fer U!

One of the most interesting reviews for a long time.Tony Hinnigan has got hold of some really good high Ds and reviewed them at in t"The Old Grey Whistle Test" section.
We have on show two Tony Dixon high Ds,a Waltons Mellow D (get it!) and a Le Meur tunable high D...Oh and a Tamlin wooden thinggy.
We have also just completed a new Hinnigans World Tour Webcast.
So have fun and' free and only takes a moment to coment.

02/08/06 | Dixon Alloy & Trad Ds Review

Clips are up now of the Dixon Alloy and Trad High Ds thanks to Gremlin Music.I have borrowed them to review them and quite like them both.Check the clips at and look in the MOVIES section under Pro-Files.

24/07/06 | KerryPro Soprano D

I made a KerryPro soprano D the other day and it soundz quite nice,I'll be posting s clip very soon.

15/07/06 | Fraser Fifield/SalsaCeltica

Hi guys,I have put up a the whole gig of Salsa Celtica with Fraser Fifield playing the pipes and whistles in the CINEMA section of MOVIES.
One of todays GREAT whistlers.
I have not compressed it so it is a big file.
Hope you enjoy the dancer.

14/07/06 | LeMeur Whistles.

I said on the "Pro-File" the wrong web address for these whistles.
Please note the actual address.

Phil.(get it right!)

07/06/06 | Three Low ds.

Hi guys,I have put a clip of three low Ds up.Songbird,Chieftain and KerryPro.Many have asked for this so it's in the "Pick of the Week" section of MOVIES.

06/06/06 | Chieftain Low Whistle Pack.

Hi guys,I am delighted to offer the new Chieftain Low Whistle Pack.This will comprise of a Chieftain low D with E and Eb bodies.The extra bodies come with their own hard plastic cases.
This offer is only available from in the SHOP dept.This deal with save you 30.

09/05/06 | Songbird HighD Mark II

Time for a makeover for the ol' high D Kerry Songbird.
I've had some ideas how to get more out of them.I'll be making some block/plug modifications to improve backpressure and tonal quality.I am hoping to have them back in the SHOP by the start of the summer.If you have any Qs.Please email me at

02/05/06 | Kerry Songbird Low Ds Now in Stock

Hi guys,just a note to all you people waiting for Kerry Songbird Low Ds.
I now have a plentiful supply of them in stock.
They will only be available from and NOT in any shops.
Sorry for the long wait.

27/04/06 | McSherry Whistles

People are asking what low d does John use .
16/04/06 | NR & OS Chiefatins.

Here are the whistles again from another angle.

14/04/06 | Good Times.

What a bunch!
Here I am with Rory Campbell,Mike Katz and Finlay McDonald backstage at the Cambridge Folk festival somewhere around 2000,they were all playing with John McCusker that year.I have many fond memories of the festival over the years and seeing Mariza (Portugal) 2 years ago was one of the hightlights.

14/04/06 | Ornet Coleman-Belfast.

Before the days of me having video,all I had was an SLR camera.This pic was taken some years ago when Mike McGoldrick,John Joe Kelly,Ed Boyd,John McSherry & Desi Donnelly were asked to jam with the legendary jazzer Ornet Coleman and his band.The lads even named a tune after this.
This is the only pic of the event that I know of to capture the event.
As Mike said sometime later " it was like 2 CDs playing at the same time"and I must admit it was dreadful,I only wish I had footage of the gig so you could hear the sound.Sadly this pic is all that is left.

12/04/06 | The Creamies.

Hi guys,I just came across some old tapes and pics of a band I was in in 1982.
I have no idea what happend to the other guys.
The good looking one on the left is Mick Posen(guitar-vox)),I think he does book cover illustrations,The guy in the middle is Harold Bergen(Vox-Keys-Guitars)was a sound engineer at the Garage in Islington.The last time I saw him was in 1991.A there is your 's truely(bass-vox) on the right,how young and fresh i look.
You can hear more at
We were a radical/political reggea band and worked with some great people including Dominic Millar from Sting's band.
Those were the days.

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09/04/06 | OS & NR Chieftains

Please use these official pictures as a reference to the difference between OS (old style) and NR (new range) Chieftain whistles.
OS (on the right) whistles were made from 1996-2003.
NR (on the left) were made from 2003 onwards.
Below is a track from Whistle Graffiti using an NR Chieftain Low D.

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