23/03/11 | Low Whistle CD Reissued.

Hi Guys I am delighted to announce the reissue of my very first CD Low Whistle recorded in 2000. Buy a copy and get " Whistleworks " free.
The CD will cost £10 inc postage.
Don't forget that you can now get a copy of " Can U Handle This " my latest CD recorded 2010 with Dave Adams and Jammie Murray, this CD is a must if you like whistle music but don't like Irish trad and also comes with a free copy of Whistleworks.
I am releasing " Highs & lows " and " Whistle Graffiti " on CD very soon, these have never been out on CD and were only available as downloads.

Stay cool.

24/01/11 | Sample Track

Sample track from CuhT- Can U Handle This, the new Cd from Hardy-Adams-Murray.
It's a new concept for the whistle and available from

Have a listen.

Download MP3
20/01/11 | First Review

Just got my first review from Chief Wang:

This album sets out to break away from the idea that, if you have a whistle, you play jigs and reels - end of story. It does so, and with ease. Driven by the crisp and concise jazz drumming of Jamie Murray and with inventive and funky keyboards from Dave Adams and bass from Phil Hardy, the album has a light and, almost, "easy-listening" feel, and that is not to say that "easy-listening" is a bad thing. Here, it's a very good thing. The whistle lines from Phil Hardy are, refreshingly, not what you would expect from a whistle, and are complemented by laid-back and colourful trombone work from Adams. Everything on the album is played by a human being, and that adds to t=
he "feel-good" factor. The production also contributes, with a warm overall sound.
Nice work.

Cheers Chief.
17/01/11 | BACK TRAX

Hi everybody.
I am delighted to announce that ALL of my CD and more will soon be available as CD's.

Low Whistle - 2001
Whistle Works - 2002 *
Highs & Lows 2004 - Remastered
Whistle Graffiti 2006 - Remastered
Revisited 2008 - Compilation *
Can You handle - This 2011 - Hardy-Adams-Murray - New CD *
Peso Whistles - 2004 - Tony Hinnigan

Women at the Edge - 1995 - remastered

* already available -

What a blast from the past.

All Cds priced at £10. inc postage globally.

All good stuff.


ps, something very special on the horizon!

14/01/11 | New CD CuhT Hardy-Adams-Murray

Hi Guys, it is with great pleasure that I can announce the release of a new Cd CuhT.
This CD is a complete departure from any whistle music I have recorded in the past. Older recording are of myself playing most of the instruments. It was an interesting time for me as I was new to the whistle and wanted to use my skills in playing , what was for the most part, Irish styled music.
CuhT was inspired by the great jazz music from the late 50's and early 60's, the era of my childhood.
I wanted to work with other people of great stature so I invited Dave Adams and Jamie Murray to join the project.
Dave is a seasoned pro and a multi instrumentalist like myself with roots in all aspects of modern music. His keyboard skills are second to none.
Jamie Murray on the other hand is only 19 with a fresh approach to drumming. He also has a great interest in the same jazz period as myself and has been inspired by the late jazz greats bringing the energy of the past into the modern ear of music.
His enthusiasm for music is a great inspiration so I was delighted he could bring his own particular talent to the project.

The aim of all of this was to have some fun and break away from seasoned beliefs that whistles are only for Folk Music.

Also, the usual format has been dropped, all playing was first take with any mistakes left in as not to loose the vibe of performance.
This has given the CD a new feel that I have not heard on whistle recording of late as most music these days is totally over produced.

With the exception of one track, all tracks contain the same set of instruments, Kit, Grand Piano, Rhodes & Wurlitzer electric piano's Hammond B3 Organ, Double Bass, Telecaster Guitar and Various old whistles. this does give the whole recording a dated yet modern live vibe.

It has certainly been a labour of love and i am very proud to have been in such elevated company in the making of this music.

The CD's will be of limited addition as mp3s seem to have taken over these days.
The CD is 10 tracks of music, most mp3s are price at 79p these days so to cover printing costs we are selling the CD at £1 per track making the CD £10.
You can buy copies from the Kerrywhistles SHOP

The whistle is just an instrument and you can play what ever you like on it, so I did.
Hope you like it.

10/01/11 | And now for something completely different.

2011, this is going to be a great year, a year to break some moulds.
Many years ago now a certain chief Wanganui came into my life and imbibed me with the idea that whistles/low whistle were, in fact just instruments.

My whistle background is purely trad, never having associated whistle with anything else. The Chief in his wisdom was correct. It has taken me 10 years to explore a different aspects of playing the whistle as just an " instrument "

It has a voice that, can be constricted buy conventional " trad only " attitudes.

This thinking allowed us to explore the unconventional.

With three other musicians, we have put together a CD of un-conventional pieces using whistles in a freeform format rather than " trad tunes ".

Trad music is not everyone's cup of tea, so giving the whistle a different ID allows more people to just enjoy the instrument.

For more info about the new CD, please join us on facebook as I know you don't like receiving too many emails, nor do I.

Many thanks and a happy new year to all.

phil dave and jamie

19/06/10 | Chieftain V3 Custom Video.

Hi guys, I have posted a short vid of the new Chiefatn V3 Custom low Ds. They come with alloy and brass bodies.
You will find the vid in MOVIES-PROFILE-Chiefatin V3 Custom.

I also have two more KerryPro Low D Customs now ready.

ps the NR Chieftain vid to follow soon.
12/06/10 | Music for Phil Hardy's Tunes.

Hi guys, I have , over the years received 100's of emails regarding the tablature/music for my tunes.

Many of the tunes are now available from the Kerrywhistles site:

I have them for sale as a PDF (zip-file) format. Just buy the tunes in the Kerrywhistles SHOP and they will be emailed to you.

Please make sure the email address you use to purchase the tunes is the one you want them sent to.

If not, please let me know where to send them by sending me a separate email.

A list of tunes is on the sales page.
There are 14 tunes for £10.


08/06/10 | Whistle Webcast June 2010

Hi people.
It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that the long awaited Whistle Webcast is now up in MP3s - WhistleWebcats 2010 june.

It's amazing what one can achieve when one pulls one's finger out.

I hope you can listen to the whole thing in one go.


Download MP3
23/05/10 | Some Good Tips.

Hi, I get a lot of emails about beginning the whistle and how much to practice.
It seems that, more and more, people are taking the whistle more seriously as an instrument and not just a " diddley widdley " thang!
I will be making some video on this very subject in the next few days but for now I'd like to share this advice:see below.

1) Decide to play the instrument the absolute best you can. Commit yourself to making the tinwhistle sound as good as any other instrument you’ve ever heard. NO excuses. No “well, this isn’t a complex instrument so I don’t have to be in tune. . . or have a clear sound. . . or use correct ornamentation.” Think like that, and you’re doomed to mediocrity. Learn every single type of ornament possible, even if you later decide not to use them. See if you can play into the third octave — just because it’s there. Dream that you are standing in the middle of the UN General Assembly and the fate of world peace hangs on your ability to play “Si Bheag Si Mhor” so beautifully that every delegate will weep and vote to suspend all war for all time. LOVE THIS INSTRUMENT WITH A COMPLETE AND TOTAL PASSION. It is your voice, your soul, your communication with the universe. Any less, and you’ll always be a beginner.

2) Decide specifically what (or who) you want to sound like — be they whistle player, flautist, fiddler, piper, accordionist, whatever. Usually when starting out you’ll hear a player or two whose playing really excites you. Imitate them slavishly, try and play tunes exactly the way they’ve recorded them, copy every single variation and idiosyncrasy, become a veritable and unapologetic Musical Clone. Then – with all that floating in your brain – ignore it and do your own thing (see #6). Imitation isn’t just the sincerest form of flattery, it’s the best way to truly ingest fundamentals of style and technique and learn how the music works. . . while acquiring the perspective to eventually create your own style.

3) Be omnivorous and voracious. Read every Irish music book, magazine and tutor you encounter, listen to every Irish traditional music recording you can beg, borrow or download. I see people on the forum asking “Which tutor should I start with?” Answer: ALL OF THEM!!! Each was written from a unique perspective of an author who had a unique set of learning and performing experiences and very likely represents a unique niche along the big wide Irish Trad Style Spectrum you need to become familiar with in its entirety. Tutors are also written at different times and places and for different publishing/commercial purposes, so don’t deprive yourself of any potential knowledge contained in what might seem an out-dated or limited-scope tutorial. Remember, the greatest players of Irish music didn’t necessarily learn from other great players. . . they took in all they could and added their own individuality to create genius.

4) Get small and tight. Play frequently with one or two people at your level who are also interested in improving and exploring the tradition in depth. Mass sessions are good for getting new tunes, but you need the intimacy of a small group you can analyze material with. I mean, really analyze: listening to recordings in detail, discussing obscure technical details, comparing different tune versions.

5) Hang with older players. Even ones who don’t at first glance seem too smooth or accomplished. It’s tempting in our celebrity-saturated culture to focus on the most popular players, the most virtuosic players, the players who dominate the festival and concert circuit and who the media brings to our attention. And certainly, they’re worth listening to. But I can only say that some of the best things I learned starting out, I learned from players who were not well known or virtuosic. They maybe just had some one small thing in their style or repertoire that appealed to me and which I absorbed and may possibly even now be unconsciously passing along to somebody else. I guess that’s the way the traditition stays alive.

6) Learn how to make variations. Variation is a major element of a melodic-based music like Irish trad. Yes, you need to learn what the “standard” way of playing a tune is. . . then learn how to vary it within the tradition’s boundaries. Variation in Irish music is learning how to get really deep in the tune so that you can keep bringing out new facets that make the tune seem interesting. Variation is what makes you a unique player and enhances your ability to grow because you learn how to manipulate the structure of the tune. Variation isn’t improvisation, though some good variations can happen spontaneously. Sometimes a variation comes to you as a mistake that you correct and refine till it works. In fact, you can mark your progress as a player by the easier it becomes for you to make a variation as you play a tune, say, at a session.

Looking back on my first couple years of playing Irish music on the whistle, these are the things I now see made a big difference in my development. I sincerely hope they prove of some benefit to you.

Best wishes,

L.E. McCullough

20/05/10 | Top Tips Section

Hi Whistlers and non Whistlers, I have had to postpone my trip to Scotland as I have put my back out and cannot drive, I will re-organize when better.

I have also added a new section to the MOVIES page called TOP TIPS.
here, I shall post clips of great exercises to help improve your speed and improvisation.

The first clip there, is for crossing the octave at speed using a great pattern.

07/05/10 | KerryPrto brass body Low D FS.

I have made a one off KPro low D with a brass's heavy man.
interested @ £200.

02/05/10 | Scottish Trip

Hi Guys, I'll will be in Glasgow on the friday 21st May ( Dunoon ) and will travel north to Fort William-Inverness-Aberdeen 24th-Dundee-Edinburgh-Glasgow City.
Please get in touch if you would like me to call by en route.
I will have Chieftains in all keys and KerryPro's to try.
Looking forward to filming some stuff as well.
If you know of a great session worth some footage..let me know.

Single Malt

12/04/10 | Chieftain NR low D Tunables Sale Ends Today

2 x Chieftain NR low D tunables left, sale ends today at 6pm gmt.

05/03/10 | A new KPro low D mic test.

Hi guys, I can't believe how many people viewed the mic test vid, over 5000 in the first 24 hours, I hope it helped.
I have uploaded an new vid.

I wanted to show you what a new KerryPro low D behaved like on a mic test.
This whistle plus two others and a KP F are for sale £185 each.

Interested...get in touch.

04/03/10 | Kimo in rehearsal 2010

Hi guys, loads happening, just uploaded a track for our rehearsal.
Voice, Guitar & Bass.
MOVIES- KIMO - kimo unplugged 2010


03/03/10 | Low D Whistle Mic Test

Hi guys, sorry for the repeats....!
News just in:
I am currently in rehearsals for live shows in the spring and need to pick whistles that will perform in any situation.
I receive many emails about mics and their usage. I have put together a vid about low D's and the mic, which sounds good to the ear, and the mic.
Even I found this interesting.
It"s in MOVIES - PROFILES - Low D mic test.

Prof Phil.

11/01/10 |

Hi guys, I know I have been pretty quiet musically these past months, what with Wangcasts and Away with the Faeries gigs.

It was a year ago that I saw Kimo at an open mic night.
I said there and then that we should get some of his stuff down.

Well, we did and I'd.

I'd like to get some feedback from you all.

I'll be up loading more trax as we go.

Cheers all.


ps it's not whistle stuff!
08/01/10 | Some Good News for 2010.

Hi guys and gals, my wife Bruny and I are happy to anounce that we are expecting another child in July 2010.

We are all very happy, especially Ayshe who loves babies.

Oh joy, more nappies, just when you thought you were out of the woods!


ps, see NEWS for happy couple pic...yuk

Download MP3
02/01/10 | Happy New Webcasts Everyone!

Hi guys, well it's the start of a new anus, or is that annus I can never remember, anyway as Chief Wangs producer, I have come up with a great idea.
I would like to do some " Listeners Choice" shows and would need your fav mp3 for consideration by the Chief himself.
He can then compile a show from your trax and giving you a mench at the same time.
A simple note as to why you like or have selected said track would also be helpful.
Sorry but one will be limited to one track/mp3.

I think that will be a bit of fun to start the new year.

Lets make it a good one.

All mp3s to:



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