We have been making the Chieftain V3 low D model now for some years with great success, sales have been consistent but we are always looking to improve them. The only thing that I personally wanted to improve was the back pressure as I found that they take a little more air than i liked. I have now reduced the size of the air way giving much greater back pressure, this allows more notes per lungful of air. In doing so, it has lessened the lower octave volume slightly but this may not be a bad thing as many of you think they are too loud. I will be making a short video on this matter tomorrow so you can hear and see them in action, I'll post when it's up. Also, I have some KerryPro low Ds available at £185 inc postage, please email me if you are interested. I have had some email's regarding TOP TIPS and TUTORIALS videos, I will be making more this week to answer some of your playing Qs. phil.