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A New Start

Hi everyone. I have put this track together with the intention of showing how the Kerry Optima Fixed Low D sounds. After receiving many email over the last few years as to what low D whistle to start on, I always reply " The Kerry Optima Fixed Low D. The design was taken from my Kerry Pro Low D, the shape and tone are very similar. There is an ease of playing with this whistle that is instant, they take very little air in both octaves and can be played softly or with power. I wrote this tune on the Optima D and played it to my own B track and was very happy the way the whistle sat in on the track. The tone is rich and all the notes are easy to access. I see there are many older players out there who are looking at low D to start leaning on. I will be recording a break down of this tune A New Start as it was created with older players in mind. Please watch to get the basics of grip and movement with a low D, then the tune will easily be achieved. Practice Practice Practice.

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