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Birthday Celebrations 2023

Hi guys.

To celebrate my 66th birthday I want to encourage people to take up the low whistle as I did over 30 years ago. So I have reduced the price of a fixed Chieftain V5 low D from £129 to £99 and a fixed Optima low D from £79 to £59 plus postage in both cases.

Playing the low whistle for more than half of my life has been both a challenge and a joy in equal measure. The learning of tunes from around the world and writing my own tunes has been so much fun plus all the wonderful people that have cross my path over the years.

In 2023 we set up our own factory so everything we make now is in house so we can keep a close eye on the quality of our products into the future.

So many thanks to all the folks that have bought our whistles over the years and a big welcome to all the folks that will do in the future.

Happy Whistling.


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