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Over 50s & Ladies Globally

Hi fellow inmates soon to be outmates.

It may be of interest to you that:

A. More women are taking up whistle than ever before as I see from sales figures.

B. More over 50s are taking up whistle, as the emails testify.

C. More people globally are buying whistles, again sales data.

One of the main reasons for this paradigm shift is that the whistle is an easy way to give yourself a voice. The discipline required to master one of these instruments is not so different learning to sing a song and we can all do that. One only has to remember the toon.

For the majority of people, playing is a personal thing only to be done in private, this is fine when you are learning yet when you see how others react when you play a toon to them, it gives you a real lift.

If you are one of the older players/learners, playing with youger folk is a must. seeking out other younger whistlers boosts your playabillity as I found out working with

Toby Shaer. He changed my perspective on what was possible, he gave me a new pair of ears.

The first years of playing are hard work yet when you have achived a certain level it all comes much easier.

I am about to turn 63 and I am still as excited about learning and playing more than ever. It's a healthy way to live and a great way to keep your mind active, your breathing deep and your friends happy.

So, for all you girls/ladies and not so oldies globally, GO FOR IT.

Hear is a clip of myself and Toby playing an old toon of mine from 2000. The Magpie's Tale.

The young and not so old.....Yet!

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